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Origin Story: Danny

Act I: Maiden Voyage (ages 0-12)

The story starts in a small town in the Illinois Valley (remains there) and begins with a wide-eyed, quite enormous (9 pounds and 10 ounces) baby fascinated by all things human. The first obsession that I can remember having is with firetrucks and fire-fighters. That probably explains why I was a fire-fighter for Halloween for my first few attempts.

Obsession #2: Profound love for baseball (Go Cubs Go) and a strong inclination to play with Lincoln Logs and Tonka Trucks. Admittedly, there was an even stronger inclination to destroy the happiness of my three sisters (two older, one younger), but that’s off the record.

Act II: Teenage Angst (13-19, probably 20 and 21, also)

Fluctuations in voice pitch: Plentiful (Embarrassment included)

Attention to life’s perils/enormity of existence: Life’s what?

Emotional stability: ???

This was a defining period, with a plethora of changing interests and activities that often painted a blurry picture on the shifting canvas as to what life is, or at least what I was told it should be. I donned many hats during this period. I wanted to be a history teacher, a paramedic/firefighter, even did a semester where I thought I was going to be an Anthropologist. In short, I was certain of what I was going to be many different times, so in reality I had no idea what I was going to do.

Act III: Adulting and everything else considered (20.5 and beyond)

This has been the best part of my life. And it is also the reason why this blog from me exists. It started with an innocent Creative Writing class, took out of minimal interest. It’s quite comical that the one class that I had little joy (before the class started, that is) in taking was the one that ignited not an interest, but a deep passion for raw imagination. An imagination that I never knew I had that stemmed from something I had always been decent at, but never gave a second thought; Writing.

To this day, it is still the most important class I have ever been apart of.

This is where my allegiance lies, and it is what I am going to be pursuing at NIU. Well, my major is technically an English major in Writing Studies, with an emphasis in Creative Writing, but it’s all the same. Any type of writing is and should be creative. It should be visceral. It also allows me to wear any hat I want, which is important for a guy who invests in so many different types of hats.

So, readers, what you can expect from me is a shared experience in my travels from an uncertain IVCC student, to an immeasurably excited writing major at NIU. Hopefully we both learn useful things along the way, and quite possibly help an undecided person find what type of hat they want to wear.