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2014 Creative Contributors

Art Consultants

Brenda Johnson, student
Lori Cinotte, IVCC Instructor

Faculty Advisors

Tracy Lee
Francie Skoflanc

A special thanks to Cory Tommasson, Francie Skoflanc, Delores R0binson, Lori Cinotte, Koshu Jagasia, Kimberly Radek, Sam Brolley, Randi Clemens, and the IVCC English Department for coming together to make this publication a reality. The publication was made possible thanks to the generosity of the Student Government Association and Illinois Valley Community College.

DISCLAIMER: The views herein are not necessarily those of the staff or faculty of IVCC. The River Currents staff encourages freedom of speech and the integrity of artistic expression.

River Currents 2014 Issue