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2017 Release Party

Calling all students, faculty, administration, staff, and community members: please join us to celebrate the talented contributors and student staff of River Current’s forthcoming 2017 issue Thursday, April 27 in room C316 of IVCC’s Oglesby campus.

Contributors: staff will provide you with copies of this year’s issue, a thank-you packet for your participation and interest in the publication, and the opportunity to read or present your work to a captive audience at the release celebration.

2017 IVCC Creates Contest winners: bask in the wonder of your achievement!! You will also receive copies of this year’s issue and a thank-you packet for your participation.

Students and public: meet the contributors, view the contributor art gallery, read your poetry/fiction/prose during an open-mic hour, feel the welcoming embrace of those interested in the creative arts, and hob-nob with IVCC’s talented students.


2017 IVCC Creates Contest Results

It’s here!! The results of the River Currents IVCC Creates Contest. This year we included the special guest judge Ari Ochuba–last year’s art/photography category winner (who also took runner-up and honorable mention). All those who placed in the contest will be published in our forthcoming 2017 issue, out in April this year, and will be honored at our release party (date TBA but planned for mid-to-late April).

Our 2017 Selection Process

We reviewed all submissions for the contest this year since it was clear that a few students intended to submit to the contest but used the “general submission” guidelines by mistake. We overlooked that misunderstanding and decided to include everyone in the contest. Because why not?!  River Currents student staff considered all pre-copy-edited written submissions and viewed visual submissions and 3D artwork saved as high quality color files. Our special guest judge, Ari participated in the photography and art categories. Editors voted for their personal winner, runner-up, and honorable mention for each category with the final decision being made by the Editor-in-Chief and Assistant Editor. Results appear below and will be included in our forthcoming 2017 issue (it’s currently being designed and while we may be biased, it’s goals).

Please join us in congratulating the following IVCC student writers and artists:


“Freezing” by Brian Kelsey, winner
“Paranoia” by Danny Pfaff, runner-up


“Progression” by Amelia Rusk, winner
“To Be” by Angel Kizer, runner-up
“What is Better?” by Aelsa Bulter, honorable mention


“Mr. Whiskers” by Tess Kopp, winner
“Abstract Fork” by Austin Beyer, runner-up
“Burning” by Kaitlyn Anthony, honorable mention


“Sunset Valley” by Abigail Jordan, winner
“Lost and Found” by Abigail Jordan, runner-up
“Seascape” by Austin Beyer, honorable mention

IVCC Creates Contest Results (2)

First Annual Contest Results

IVCC Creates Contest for more info about the contest.

2016 IVCC Creates Contest Winners

Thanks to everyone who submitted work to the 2016 IVCC Creates Contest–as writers and artists ourselves, we know how simultaneously exciting and nerve-racking it is to share your work with others.

Our 2016 Selection Process

The contest results were decided by means of a blind selection process where submissions and file names did not reference author or artist . River Currents student staff editors viewed visual submissions saved as high quality color files. Editors voted for their personal winner, runner-up, and honorable mention for each category and any ties were discussed before a re-vote. Results appear below and were published in our 2016 issue.

Art/Photography Category:

“Pieces to the Puzzle” by Arinze Ochuba, winner
“Land of the Dances” by Arinze Ochuba, runner-up
“Enter Gollum” by Arinze Ochuba, honorable mention

Writing/Prose Category:

“and the sky was made of amethyst,” fiction by Brianna Broooks, winner

Poetry/Experimental Category:

“The Salamander Room,” poem by Joe Czarney, winner
“Haiku Series,” poetry by Elena Cornelius, runner-up