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About Prof Tracy Lee

I teach English comp., creative writing, and literature courses at IVCC.

Introducing IVCC Voices

River Currents is starting a blog with a specifically eclectic vision in mind: to foster the literary and visual arts within the Illinois Valley and IVCC’s greater surrounding community. That somewhat lofty and noble goal means we want to start them young, grow their talent and interest, support their goals, and (hopefully) keep them around. The “them” in that scenario is you, the IVCC student of present, past, and future.

No matter your gps coordinates, pursuing the arts can be a difficult (and unpopular, there we said it) endevour. And while we know you may not be planning to stay in the Illinois Valley, we want to make it as enriching and inviting as possible for those of you who want to stick around and grow our community.

Here’s a more academic-y way of stating our goals:

  1. inspire our community’s youth
  2. support youth interest in the arts
  3. encourage talent
  4. promote education within the arts
  5. cultivate an arts-minded community

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2017 Student Staff

Editorial Staff

Editor-In-Chief: Allison Hawbaker
Assistant Editor: Stephanie Bias
Copy Editor: Akari Oya, Maddi Loiselle, Savanna Weitzel
Designer: Peggy Schneider
Graphic Design Intern: Peggy Schneider

Creative Arts Staff

Fiction Editors: Jibril Church, Allison Hawbaker, Maddi Loiselle
Non-fiction Editors: Makenzie Thompson
Poetry Editors: Jibril Church, Makenzie Thompson, Akari Oya, Savanna Weitzel
Visual Art Editors: Makenzie Thompson, Akari Oya, Mallory Watson

Events and Social Media Staff

Events Coordinator: Stephanie Bias
Social Media Manager: Bri Brooks

Staff Descriptions. If you’re interested in being part of the River Currents student organization, please fill out this form and return it to Tracy Lee in room A-329.

2016 IVCC Creates Contest Winners

Thanks to everyone who submitted work to the 2016 IVCC Creates Contest–as writers and artists ourselves, we know how simultaneously exciting and nerve-racking it is to share your work with others.

Our 2016 Selection Process

The contest results were decided by means of a blind selection process where submissions and file names did not reference author or artist . River Currents student staff editors viewed visual submissions saved as high quality color files. Editors voted for their personal winner, runner-up, and honorable mention for each category and any ties were discussed before a re-vote. Results appear below and were published in our 2016 issue.

Art/Photography Category:

“Pieces to the Puzzle” by Arinze Ochuba, winner
“Land of the Dances” by Arinze Ochuba, runner-up
“Enter Gollum” by Arinze Ochuba, honorable mention

Writing/Prose Category:

“and the sky was made of amethyst,” fiction by Brianna Broooks, winner

Poetry/Experimental Category:

“The Salamander Room,” poem by Joe Czarney, winner
“Haiku Series,” poetry by Elena Cornelius, runner-up

2014 Creative Contributors

Art Consultants

Brenda Johnson, student
Lori Cinotte, IVCC Instructor

Faculty Advisors

Tracy Lee
Francie Skoflanc

A special thanks to Cory Tommasson, Francie Skoflanc, Delores R0binson, Lori Cinotte, Koshu Jagasia, Kimberly Radek, Sam Brolley, Randi Clemens, and the IVCC English Department for coming together to make this publication a reality. The publication was made possible thanks to the generosity of the Student Government Association and Illinois Valley Community College.

DISCLAIMER: The views herein are not necessarily those of the staff or faculty of IVCC. The River Currents staff encourages freedom of speech and the integrity of artistic expression.

River Currents 2014 Issue