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2018 Contributors

Announcing this year’s list of contributors. If your work is appearing in the 2018 issue, you’ll receive an email that lists the piece(s) selected for publication as well as details about the 2018 Release Reception taking place Thurs. April 26.


Lisa Chounard
Emmy J. Cunico
Ridaq E.
Shane Peek
Brianna Salazar
Carolyn Taylor
J.B. Watson
Isabella Warmack


J.Q. Church
Lainey Goolsby
Grim Jacobs

Visual Arts

Martha Hoffman
Abby Jordon
Danielle Lindenbaum
Abby Missey
Hannah Munson
Courtney Ossola
Rin Seibert
Megan Sliker
Lee Ward


J.Q. Church
Taylor Johnson


We’re looking for staff!

Staff Openings

We’re looking for this year’s staff to plan, design, edit, market, and publish the 2018 issue of River Currents. Nearly everyone from last year has graduated, which means we are a clean slate and looking for our next creative, artsy, and motivated batch of IVCC students.

If you think that you or someone you know is interested, here’s what to do:

  1. Take a look at our Staff Descriptions that explains what opportunities and responsibilities come with each position.
  2. Attend our informational and “first staff meeting” of the semester: Friday, Sept. 15 at noon, room A-329.

  3. Print this “Staff Opportunity Statement of Interest” handout and return it to our faculty advisor, Tracy Lee in room A-329 by Monday, Sept. 18 at 1:00 p.m.

  4. Be ready to create something awesome as a lasting legacy of IVCC’s talented student body.

Here’s a link to our past River Currents staff, and an electronic archive of past issues.

2017 Release Party

April 27, 2017 will hereby go down in history as the day River Currents hosted its 2017 Release Party with a wave of friendly and artsy reception, not to mention some wonderfully minty brownies. Thank you everyone who participated on the 2017 student staff, the 2017  IVCC Creates Contest winners, our talented contributors, and the mix of student, faculty, administration and staff attendees. We could not do what we do without the honesty and bravery of each IVCC student’s unique voice or the investment on part of faculty staff/administration to support student creativity.

Event Photos


The 2017 cover designed by the talented Peggy Schneider


Release Gallery

rc 6

Dr. Corcoran with attendees.

rc 8



Release Gallery

rc 9


www.ivcc.edurc (3)

IVCC Creates Contest:


IVCC Creates First Place Prize

And if you’re already feeling nostalgic or want to be part of this awesomeness next year, consider being on staff or submitted your work to our current submission call. You can also be one of our creative arts students by enrolling in IVCC’s creative writing class, one of the art department art or photography courses, or explore the graphic design program.


2017-2018 Deadline

We are currently accepting submissions for the forthcoming 2018 issue.

Please see our submissions guidelines page for direction, or visit our IVCC Creates Contest page for more information about our annual contest.

River Currents_Nov sub call

All submissions must be original work, no reproductions accepted. For general submissions, please include your name, the title of your work, and the medium (poetry, oil on canvas, memoir, etc.) in your email. River Currents accepts up to 20 pages of prose (10 page maximum per piece), up to 8 individual poems, and up to 10 visual image submissions per student.