If you’re interested in participating in the student organization that published River Currents each year, please check our Staff Descriptions. If you’re interested in being part of the River Currents student organization during the 2018-2019 academic year, please fill out Staff Interest Handout and return it to Tracy Lee in room A-329.


The 2018 Issue Release

River Currents is excited to announce the 2018 Issue Release Party, Thurs. April 26 in room C-316. Please come celebrate the talented contributors and student staff of this year’s edition.

We’ll have free copies of the book available, refreshments, a open-mic hour, and a contributor art gallery.

2018 Release Reception slide


Staff will provide you with copies of this year’s issue, a thank-you packet for your participation and interest in the publication, and the opportunity to read or present your work to a captive audience at the release celebration.

Students and Everyone Else

Meet the contributors, view the contributor art gallery, read your poetry, fiction, or other prose during an open-mic hour, feel the welcoming embrace of those interested in the creative arts, and hob-nob with IVCC’s talented students.

2018 IVCC Create Contest update: unfortunately we had too few submissions for our staff to feel comfortable naming contest winners.

2018 Contributors

Announcing this year’s list of contributors. If your work is appearing in the 2018 issue, you’ll receive an email that lists the piece(s) selected for publication as well as details about the 2018 Release Reception taking place Thurs. April 26.


Lisa Chounard
Emmy J. Cunico
Ridaq E.
Shane Peek
Brianna Salazar
Carolyn Taylor
J.B. Watson
Isabella Warmack


J.Q. Church
Lainey Goolsby
Grim Jacobs

Visual Arts

Martha Hoffman
Abby Jordon
Danielle Lindenbaum
Abby Missey
Hannah Munson
Courtney Ossola
Rin Seibert
Megan Sliker
Lee Ward


J.Q. Church
Taylor Johnson

The Story Thus Far

I’ve been repeatedly back-handed by University life. The transition to campus life is simple, because Northern Illinois Campus is easy to navigate and the people are mostly interesting and kind.The difficult part that warrants the back-hand is the sheer amount of work and papers that are due. You turn one in- two more appear. I want to build a time-machine and set the date to each first day of previous semesters for the sole purpose of slapping myself for believing that I could continuously get by with minimal effort. Procrastinators beware: Junior and Senior level work is the real deal.

The English/Writing content is what we are here for, though.

The first week of school consisted of more of the same. I sat in my desk with my head heavy in my hand and my eyes wandered everywhere except towards the teacher. Other bubbly students sat close by and offered their input at the teachers questions, and I would occasionally chime in to get my participation points for the day. I expected to keep this up for the entire semester. And then we started writing.

A strange thing happened; I realized my writing lagged behind the others. This epiphany occurred during a workshop (if you think you workshop in class a lot now, LOL) and I noticed my intellect mirrored the others, but my presentation paled in comparison. Example: I just used the cliche ‘paled in comparison’ and this would widely be considered as a bad move. The other students pointed that tendency out to me. I agreed.

Each successive week became easier. My head no longer rested on my hand and I trained my eyes on the teacher. I learned to cut out weak verbs. You’ll realize the last two paragraphs of this post proved easier to read than the first. I removed all of the ‘to be’ verbs (was, is, am, were, etc.) So we exiled the weak verbs. The class focus then moved to emphasis.  This practice promotes ending each sentence with the word you want the reader to hear the loudest. The lingering effect of a sentence lies with its last word. For creative writers, practice ending sentences on strong verbs, adjectives, or nominalizations.

This has been the story so far. Aside from the aforementioned writing tips, the most significant thing I learned so far has come from a humbling moment and self-reflecting. The first workshop burst my complacency. You may not all be like me, but the lesson certainly applies; listen to your peers and teachers. They are in that shared room for a reason.

Until next time, (a cliche I’ll allow myself)


2019 Staff Openings [draft]

Staff Openings

We’re looking for this year’s staff to plan, design, edit, market, and publish the 2018 issue of River Currents. Nearly everyone from last year has graduated, which means we are a clean slate and looking for our next creative, artsy, and motivated batch of IVCC students.

If you think that you or someone you know is interested, here’s what to do:

  1. Take a look at our Staff Descriptions that explains what opportunities and responsibilities come with each position.
  2. Attend our informational and “first staff meeting” of the semester: Friday, Sept. 15 at noon, room A-329.
  3. Print this “Staff Opportunity Statement of Interest” handout and return it to our faculty advisor, Tracy Lee in room A-329 by Monday, Sept. 18 at 1:00 p.m.
  4. Be ready to create something awesome as a lasting legacy of IVCC’s talented student body.

Here’s a link to our past River Currents staff, and an electronic archive of past issues.


2018 Student Staff

Editorial and Creative Arts Staff

Copy Editor: Morgan Phillips, Eva Bennett, and Jibril Church
Fiction Editor:
 Rhiannon Seibert, Anthony Cameron, Carolyn Taylor
Nonfiction Editor: Anthony Cameron, Rhiannon Seibert, Jibril Church
Poetry Editor: Carolyn Taylor, Anthony Cameron, and Abby Jordon
Visual Arts Editor: Abby Jordon, Rhiannon Seibert, and Carolyn Taylor
Designer: Peggy Schneider

Events and Social Media Staff

Social Media Manager: Lauren Giordano
Events Coordinators:
 Lauren Giordano and Abby Jordon

Staff Descriptions. If you’re interested in being part of the River Currents student organization during the 2018-2019 academic year, please fill out this form and return it to Tracy Lee in room A-329.